For individuals: an artful home

A personal, meaningful art collection has less to do with your budget than you think. It has everything to do with curation.

Just like a good editor makes good writing even better, a curator's eye works wonders for effectively displaying art in your home. I can help you navigate the mixture of items accumulated over the years, even items with sentimental than aesthetic merit. We'll take an objective look at how art is placed in your home to maximize the visual impact of what you already have. And we can plan for future art so you know what to look for next time you're shopping for new pieces.   

For businesses: curated local art

Businesses that open their walls to local artists are powerful contributors to an artful community!

Interested but don't know where to start? I offer consultations in the greater Seattle area for developing a local art program that appropriately enhances your professional environment. We'll cover preparation of a dedicated display area, the logistical considerations of curating such a program, and how to craft artist agreements that effectively communicate expectations to all involved parties.

I also offer curation services to completely manage your local art program, whether that means managing a temporary exhibition or an ongoing display.

For artists: professional services

As an artist myself, I get how difficult it is to make art and also tell your story in a way that authentically represents your work.

I offer one-on-one facilitation for developing an artist statement, understanding your creative voice as an artist, and characterizing your work with clarity and relevance. Expect a dialogue-based process.