Preparation is everything with these paintings because there is no stopping once I start pouring. The paint layer is much thicker than with other styles of application and takes a few weeks to cure enough to be packaged or shipped. The paintings show here are on canvas. In some cases, I have written messages on the edges of the canvas. I have also poured paint on board, often on groups of small wooden blocks that are meant to be held and rearranged.

Push & Pull

12 x 16", 1.5" gallery-wrapped canvas. Left side message: The wind told the fire, "You need me. I give you life. I am your push." Right side message: The fire responded, "Don't you know? I draw you here. I am your pull."

Original: Sold; 11x14" print on photo luster paper, $25; 8x10" print on aluminum, $40


Mermaids Series

8x 8", 1.5" gallery-wrapped canvas. 


Innards of Dreams, $600 for unframed pair ($660 with custom black float frame)

36 x 12", 1.5" gallery-wrapped canvas. Available as a pair. Selected detail photos on the right.

 Innards of Dreams. Pair. 36 x 12" on 1.5" gallery-wrapped canvas. Selected detail images shown at right.

1983. $45 individually, $120 for trio.

8 x 8", 1.5" gallery-wrapped canvas.