Like my work and want a custom piece? You're in the right place!

The important stuff

1. I am an non-representational abstract artist. I suggest reviewing my work to get an idea of my style and use of color.

2. Let's not create art that matches your sofa.

3. When you know you're ready to talk, email me!  

Creative philosophy

You deserve art that does more than match your furniture.

You deserve art that does not perfectly blend in to the background.

The art you surround yourself with should match you and evoke a part of you that you wish to see expressed more in your home. This is a part of you that you want to be unquiet. 

I want you to have art that is meaningful to you in a way that feels expansive, nourishing, and reflective.


The commission process begins with a no-obligation, exploratory conversation. This is for us to get to know each other and talk about the goals of the project. I will show you a portfolio that covers the range of my work so I can get an idea of what catches your eye and what specifically you are drawn to.

I'll also ask you questions that help you articulate what you're looking for. I'm comfortable doing this and I know how to get a sense of your artistic style, so don't stress too much about this before contacting me. If you're on Pinterest, it might be helpful (but not necessary) to create a board that collects some of your visual inspiration around this project. Need a place to explore that further? Check out the Abstract Art History boards I've pinned.

If we proceed, we'll agree on a contract that covers development of the work and approval stages, payment schedule, timeline for completion, and delivery. I get it if you tense up at the mention of a contract. A contract is nothing more than a tool that ensures we are both satisfied and respected in our working relationship. I keep the language simple and direct. It should enable quality work, not stand in our way.

My base rate for commissions is $1.35 per square inch on canvas, plus tax if applicable. For example, a 20x20" custom painting starts at $540. The rate may be higher depending on materials and on how much oversight you want to have in the creation process. 

Framing is also an option. I make my own frames and there are a couple of variations we can discuss. Generally, framing is an additional 5 to 15%. 

A typical payment and work agreement is as follows:

  • 10% non-refundable advance at time of signing. 
  • Presentation of a minimum of 3 works on paper that explore color palette and composition. If you approve continued development, a 30% non-refundable payment is required.
  • Presentation of the final piece. If you accept the final piece, the remaining 60% balance + applicable shipping is due prior to delivery. If you refuse the final piece, you are released from any further financial obligation and I keep the painting for sale through other channels along with the non-refundable 40%.

You do not have to live in the Seattle area to request a custom painting. At this time, I do not deliver finished custom work outside the United States.