Art Talk: "Our Lady of Creative Awakening" and the question What if?

"Our Lady of Creative Awakening" was recently displayed in the ICON show at Lynn Hanson Gallery in Seattle. This painting features a significant amount of writing in a message about creative faith, curiosity, and embracing "What if?" as a push toward making art. 

During the show, my painting was accompanied by a bowl with small slips of paper seeded with a few "What if...?" questions. Visitors were encouraged to take a question and leave a question.

For your pondering, here is a collection of the questions left in the bowl:

What if...

seahorses could sing opera?

dreams are the narration of your parallel universe self?

you proposed in 5 minutes?

I get this question wrong?

art is meant to be upsetting?

you banged everyone you met?

nothing really matters?

you only had writing and art to explain things for the rest of your life?


we didn't know what anger was and all we knew was how to express love?

we saw with our mouth and ate with our eyes?

every human being on the planet was committed to making the world a better place?

there was mutual respect?

you are really actually dead? (to which someone wrote: Then I could stop worrying about it. Freeing really.)

you approached every situation as though your first instinct would lead you in the wrong direction?

chemtrails are turning the frogs gay?

everybody wasn't such a dick?

you realized everyone you loved one day will die? How would your life change?

orange you blorange?

there was less space to work with?

you didn't worry about what people would think of you?

you actually put yourself first?

you really got to know Jesus?

vampires could only be killed by unicorns impaling them with their horns?

you could fly (without an airplane)?

Trump lost?

your art was on the wall?

dogs mooed and cows barked?