Material Academic


I’m moving away from material academic - following tradition and prescribed practice for how artist materials are used. It’s a less interesting to me when art is made without the element of invention: how a material is used or applied, how it is pushed to its limits, how happy accidents found in exploration lead to more masterful control.


This morning I read about Anthony White, a Seattle artist getting attention for his use of plastic, specifically the plastic used in 3D printing. There’s something there about creating original substance out of the synthetic.


I’m also attracted to the work of artists who are more involved in the creation of their materials, taking the element of invention all the way back to base materials. Artists who make their own gesso, their own inks, prepare their own substrates.


Artists are never really satisfied. We are perpetually on the hunt in some way. I love when that shows up in how an artist treats tools and materials.


What if you forgot everything you had ever been taught about how to create art? I’m working on that. I’m no longer painting on canvas. My brushes are gathering dust. I’m repurposing two years of work in a new direction and shopping for art supplies at Home Depot, creating a style of composition of my own invention.