I'm Andrea Lewicki and I am an abstract painter/writer/thinker. 

Abstract art draws me in and knocks my socks right off. I love the disruption of it and how it either makes you think in a divergent, expansive way or pushes you away immediately. I also love discovering the context of abstract art. I spend a lot of my non-studio time reading and learning about creative lineage in abstraction, and I am deeply interested in artists who followed their own wild instincts.

I adore creative nonfiction and everyday, unromantic poetry. I worship at the literary church of John McPhee and Annals of the Former World is my favorite book, ever. I am perpetually re-reading it.

My art studio looks out upon a small lake way out yonder from Seattle and I am ridiculously happy about this. LakeTV is quite captivating and has turned me into a studio hermit.

My Internet browser tabs reflect whatever art obsessions are currently occupying my thoughts, from Helen Frankenthaler's stained canvases to Lucienne Day's textiles to the bold, geometric language of Navajo rugs.

For a short while, I had a small flock of backyard ducks. This is only relevant in that I will always have a soft spot in my heart for happy little quackers, and to serve as a warning if we ever meet in person: I can tell you duck stories for hours.

Once upon a time I was a legit rocket scientist and once upon another time I got paid to drink beer on the job at a ridiculous hour of the morning. Working for large companies wrecked my spirit. Twice. Art saved me both times.

Also, I wear a lot of yellow. Zuri dresses are my wardrobe staples -- they are freedom and style with comfort and color. When I go to an event where I don't know anyone, I look for the people who are also wearing colorful clothing and strike up a conversation. I recommend trying it.


Art is Community

I cultivate a community of creative contagion and positive momentum. What does that actually mean? It means I go out of my way to tempt people into making art and surround them with other people doing the same thing. I seek out abstract artists and am currently interested in conversations in the greater Seattle area about discussion of abstract work. 

I occasionally offer workshops in the Seattle about creative voice, expanding creative expression, and other topics as the muse strikes.